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Renewed AR Slovenia out of ARES!
Monday, 13 June 2016 07:41

We are not happy about this news, but AR Slovenia is no longer included in our AR series. After a year break in 2015, new organizers of AR Slovenia decided not to join ARES again. AR Slovenia hosted the 1st AR Euro Champ in 2009, and than they continued in ARES untill 2014. So their history in ARES was 6 years long. Now, without any detailed explanation, they decided not to continue. So they miss the chance to oraganize AR Eurochamp again in the future and we can´t grant any ARES cup points for any teams competing in AR Slovenia.

Red Fox Adventure Race will host the Adventure Racing European Championship 2017!
Tuesday, 24 May 2016 16:38

Are you ready to test your limits in the 2017 Adventure Racing European Championship? The largest Adventure Race in Russia will host Adventure Racing European Championship in June next year in one of the most beautiful places – Karelia!

Five times this annual international non-stop expedition race was included in the European series of Adventure Races (ARES)! More than 350 professional multisportsmen, orienteering athletes and cyclists from Europe and North America come to compete in one of the toughest multisport events in Russia.  Among constant participants are the strongest teams from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Baltic countries, Poland, Czech Republic, Scandinavia, Denmark, France, Turkey, Belgium, the Netherlands and the USA.

Red Fox Adventure Race is one of the highest-grade Russian and international extreme competitions for multisportsmen.  Red Fox company which has organized Adventure Race since 2003 is the primary organiser of the race. Since 2009 the race has been conducted with the support of Polartec, LLC, the main RFAR’s partner.  And each competition has a great success!

Red Fox Adventure Races always take place in the most picturesque and very severe on conditions country regions. For example, this year the anniversary 15. Red Fox Adventure Race powered by Polartec® will be held on June 9-13in one of the most popular tourist region - Northern Priladozhye (Karelia region), at the Ladoga Lake shore.   

2017 Euro Champs will take place in one of the most picturesque places, in wilderness and well-favoured area  – Karelia. In northwest Russia, near the border of Finland on the Karelian Penninsula, also known as the “land of white nights”; an under populated region with severe weather conditions and picturesque landscapes. So wild and exciting place!

The competition includes different disciplines. Every participant will go through the unforgettable stages: mountain biking, paddling, trekking, fixed ropes, coastering, swimming, rock climbing, etc. Race designer – Vitaly Chegarovsky (master of sports, orienteering) is renowned in multisport world and has more than 20-years experience of organization of multisport events. He prepares very fast-moving and interesting race.


-  "Short" course: for teams of two or four racers

-  "Long" course: for teams of two or four racers

Teams will compete for the best times and most points. They have to burst through the different obstacles and overcome non-stop very hard distance. Racers are expected by hundreds kilometres of adventures and scenic distance! Only long course class of mixed teams is eligible to fight for AR EuroChamp title. 

Picturesque pine forests, countless brooks and large lakes with rocky shorelines…

Many tiny rock islands, beautiful landscapes and a lot of water…

Impressive technical stages...

The most extreme Russian race, led by the strongest racers and enthusiasts, will turn into a spectacular race!

You have a great chance to discover of one of the unique places of the Russian nature and real adventures!  Test your limits in Red Fox Adventure Race 2016 and give a challenge to the 2017 Euro Champs!

You are welcome!

Official website of the race:
Official RFAR’s page in

Basque Expedition Race Joins the ARES
Friday, 15 January 2016 09:31

The premier expedition race in Basque Country, Basque Expedition Race, has joined the Adventure Racing European Series, the circuit of the top European adventure races.

The annual race travels through the remarkable landscapes of Basque Country including over the highest peaks of the country, through the beech forests and along the Cantabrian coast.

Dates for 2016 have been set for the 12nd to 16th of October.
Event General Manager Cristina Rico Arechaederra, from NonStop Aventura said, “We are working for an unforgettable race for all the athletes. The goal of each team is to reach the finish in the shortest possible time; mine, is that they enjoy every minute of the race.”

NORCHA - Portugal brings new race in ARES calender!
Wednesday, 10 June 2015 18:18

Adventure Racing is very popular in Portugal. There were some races organized in the past, but the activities have been stopped in last few years. Fortunately, now is new team of organizers comming with new race called NORCHA. First information were released, so we know now this basic data: 22-27 September 2015, lenght 350 km, limit 72 hrs., place - north of Portugal, mixed teams of 4 - entry 1230,-; details can be found on the website

The Raidaran will host the 2016 European Championship of adventure racing
Friday, 13 March 2015 07:19

The 2016 edition of Raidaran will host the Adventure Racing European Championship (AREC) next year. It will be an exceptional edition, limited to 40 teams, with more mileage than usual and more days of competition (it will go from four this 2015 to five). The event, which for the third year will be sponsored by Trangoworld, will take place in July 2016 in the Val d'Aran. The AREC is the continent's most important competition and is held annually in one of the venues that make up the European circuit of adventure racing (AR Euroseries).

Mountain Touch Challenge - new race in series!
Monday, 09 February 2015 17:14

We are happy to announce new informations about polish race Mountain Touch Challenge. This race is organized in traditional non-stop format of 4 people mixed teams (300 km), but there is also short course available for 2-member teams (70 km). All details will be updated on website

Polish winter race postponed
Sunday, 01 February 2015 17:33

We received news from organizers of polish winter race. Due to lack of snow, the race will be postponed to may (in fact the winter race will be canceled)! The organisers decided to prepare diffrent spring adventure event, which will fill out the break until next race in june. So You can take part in polish spring Adventure race between 30th April and 3rd May 2015.

Race calender for 2015
Monday, 26 January 2015 13:10

Time is running and first race of our series will start soon. It´s pleasure to release ARES calender here, on the website and invite all racers to all our races:


POLAND - Winter Timex Raid (30 April - 3 May)


SLOVENIA - Adventure Race (18-21 June)


CORSE - Raid Aventure (6-10 June)


RUSSIA - Red Fox Adventure (12-15 June) 


SPAIN - Raidaran (1-5 July)


IRELAND - The Beast of Ballyhoura (28 July - 3 August)


CZECH - Adventure Race (26-30 August)


Race report, Beast of Ballyhoura
Monday, 18 August 2014 06:50

Here is race report from Beast of Ballyhoura - thanks to Wouter-Dirk Huitzing from team Dutch Adventure. Results on our webpage will appear soon:

After leaving the bus at 02.00 a.m., teamnumbers were called out and the teams received their first two maps, for the running and swimming stages. At 02.20 a.m. the race started with an orienteering. It was a mass start, but the first road to the right saw us clear from the rest of the pack, as everybody seemed to follow the main road. A short minute later we came back on the main road, clearly in front of the rest of the teams. Our lead didn’t hold long, as we didn’t want to push ourselves too hard at the beginning of the race. The first two CP’s were easily founded, but hard to dib, as everybody wanted to dib at the same time. Being in front of the race for the first two CP’s was great for the spirits and seemed to set the mood for the rest of the race.

The Europe knows AR Champions 2014
Monday, 12 May 2014 06:38

The winners of Lycianchallenge 2014 are British Adidas TERREX. The team win, beside European title, a paid entry to AR World Championship in Ecuador in November this year. In second place were the Estonian ACE Adventure Team and third were the Salomon/OpavaNet/Accom Team from the Czech Republic. 24 teams from 11 countries fought for the title in the race, where the navigation on old maps played the major role.

The next AR European Champs 2015 were announced to be held in Ireland. The race Beast of Ballyhoura will be extended in 2015 to be more challenging and will try to get as much media and racers attention, as possible. You can still register to this years edition of the Beast of Ballyhoura, to get more experiences direct in Ireland.


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