ARES and NORDISK company – new partnership


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It is very pleasant for us to announce the new cooperation agreement between ARES and Nordisk Company/Yeti for the period of 2019 and 2020. Nordisk Company/Yeti is now the general partner of ARES and will support all ARES events.

Marek Navratil, director of ARES said: „I´m really happy that we have found such a strong and reliable partner. Yeti is already supporting our race YACS in Denmark. We started the negotiation during autumn 2018 and soon found common speech also with mother company Nordisk. I believe, ARES will get more attention now, the race organizers will get more support and racers can enjoy special rates for online shopping, test equipment, and great prizes! I also think, It will help to develop our sport because other sources are limited and focused on mass and popular sports.“

Erik Johannes Møller from Nordisk commented: „For Nordisk and Yeti, it is essential that we can deliver the best possible gear and garments for any outdoor adventure. Teaming up with ARES allows us to let our products go through the ultimate field test and it will help us develop even better products in the future.
It is also a way to raise awareness in some new markets, where our products are less known and we hope to see some positive reactions in the Adventure Racing community, in which we have already invested for years, through both team and race sponsorships. We are now scaling up that effort because we love to see our products being put to use in their true environment. “

ARES is the European series of adventure races, which includes ca. 6-8 races/year across Europe. It was established in 2008 in the Czech Republic by Czech eXtreme sports Association. The aim of the ARES is to create and maintain an attractive international AR event program. Each year one of the participating races is announced to be AR European Championship. In 2019 our series will be present in the Czech Republic, Sweden, Russia, Denmark, Poland, and Ireland.

Nordisk Company A/S – founded in 1901, manufactures premium and innovative outdoor gear, renowned for its market-leading combination of durability, ultra-lightweight and impressive pack sizes.

The Yeti brand also holds multiple world records and awards for its high premium quality down jackets and sleeping bags.


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