Awarding ceremony of the 2019 Red Fox Adventure Race



Testing the limits is done! On June 12, the awards ceremony of the Red Fox Adventure Race XVIII powered by Polartec® was held. It was a great celebration of a great adventure sport holiday, now completed.

Athletes from 13 countries met in one of the most picturesque corners of Russia ― beautiful Karelia, in the neighborhood of Kilpola island.

It was an incredibly fun, exhaustively long five days! There was lots of energy, exhilaration, nature’s iconic beauty, and many stages built on the intrigue of what would come next. The 48-hour long course had 31 teams of four racers and 73 teams of two racers, while 14 teams of four racers and 55 teams of two racers challenged each other in the 24-hour Short course. The course designer, the legendary Vitaly Chegarovsky, linked several worthy obstacles. A difficult kayak stage, a comedic yet challenging ride on inflatable mattresses, coasteering, orienteering, bungee jumping, trolley ― and these were only a portion of all the skills tested.

Despite the difficulties, athletes were disappointed when everything ended and it was time to go home. They anticipated this adventure for a whole year. Now the next race is a year away.

Long course results can be found HERE

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