The Beast pre race information



The Beast Adventure Race will take place over the 1st weekend of June 2019. Having started in 2006, the Beast, with its origins in the Ballyhoura Region, is the longest running adventure race in Ireland (as well as the ‘longest’).

Race Information

DATES: 30th May – 2 nd June 2019

DISTANCE: approx. 400 km

COUNTRY/REGION: Ireland/North West

RACE HQ: Clayton Hotel, Sligo Town

COURSE OPEN: 2.5 days (60 hours)

WINNING TIME: 2 days (48 hours), starting on Fri 31st May

WEBSITE: http://thebeast.ie/ FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheBeastDonegal/

ENTRY FEE: €1,500 per team

PRIZES: TBC ENTRIES OPEN: 17th December 2018

ENTRIES CLOSED: 30 th March 2019

DISCIPLINES: Mountain Bike, Trail Run/Trek, Kayak (Sit-on-top), Navigation, Swim(?), Ropes(?)

CATEGORIES: Mixed Teams 4 (competitive), Male Teams 4, Female Teams 4. (No limit on overall number of teams)

WATERCRAFT: Kayaks and kayak equipment provided

MANDATORY EQUIPMENT: YES – the ARWS standard list (www.arworldseries.com)

RULES: YES – the ARWS standard rules

The race schema can be downloaded here

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