ARES and NORDISK company – new partnership


                                      It is very pleasant for us to announce the new cooperation agreement between ARES and Nordisk Company/Yeti for the period of 2019 and 2020. Nordisk Company/Yeti is now the general partner of ARES and will support all ARES events. Marek Navratil, director…

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Race calendar for 2019 released


The calendar for new racing year is ready now! We have 6 races in our schedule, our series will be present in Ireland, Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Denmark, and Poland. The polish race Adventure Trophy will host AR European Championship 2019 in July, with unique and various terrain (6 National Parks on the course). For detailed information about all our races…

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CZECH ADVENTURE RACE – racing in fairyland


This year’s CZAR was hosted in the beautiful place, named „Teplické skály“ and „Adršpach“. This area is known for amazing sandstone rocks in picturesque forests. The organizers prepared more than 400 kilometers route, which included trail running, MTB, kayaking, inline skating, orienteering, rope activities and some swimming. The race in Czech is always diverse and entertaining, combining many activities. It´s not…

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YETI Adventure Challenge 2018


For the past few years, the town of Silkeborg has hosted one of the biggest adventure races in the busy Danish AR calendar.  Now it is about get much bigger, with the introduction of their first expedition length course, which is part of The European Adventure Race Series. (This is the first time a Danish race has been part of…

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Europenan Champions are from Estonia!


The Raidaran 2018 was a real expedition race characteristic by the demanding terrain, where large distances and elevation were to overcome. The temperatures varied between zero in the night and +30 during the day.   The route crossed high mountain areas above 3000 meters, whitewater rivers and spectacular landscapes in protected areas. 25 teams from 8 different countries fought for the title…

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Series results 2017


We have published results of our AR series 2017. The winner is Czech team SC AR OpavaNet Nutrend. They took part in two races and got 23 points. This team won free entry to AREC 2018 (Raidaran, Spain). Shared second, third and fourth were MDK Russia team (RUS/UKR), AR Team Prime from Poland and Multisport.fi from Finland. They all have got…

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2018 ARES calendar


Another year will begin soon. Important negotiations have been finished and so it´s time to release event calendar for 2018. You can choose from 8 races across the Europe. Here they are – Denmark is the new one, Adventure Trophy is back after more than 5 years and Raidaran in Spain is Euro Champ: Poland Adventure Race, 31 May –…

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CZAR – only four teams were able to finish full route!


Huge weather change and challenging route caused really difficult conditions for CZAR this year. Temperatures over 30 C dropped in the second day to only 10 C. Heavy rain and cold were for racers psychically extremely demanding. Unfortunately, the best Czech teams did not participate in the race, preparing for world champ in the USA. So the title took experienced Finnish…

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Czech AR is next event in ARES circuit


At the end of August will start Czech international championship in AR. But the schema of the race is available now! If you still doubt to take part or not, check it and maybe you will decide easier. The distance will be around 500 km and an expected winner will make it in 50-55 hrs.

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European Champions are from Ukraine and Russia!


Thrilling and tough competition finished! Participants of AREC 2017 and Red Fox Adventure Race Long class (48 hours) passed interesting stages on challenging routes. We are happy to introduce the winners – teams of fastest and most dexterous athletes. Results of AREC 2017: 1 place – MDK RUSSIA-UKRAINE ADVENTURE TEAM (Russia, Ukraine), 54:07:35 2 place – Seiklushunt Adventure Team (Estonia,…

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