ARES 2019 overall results published


Another season is over and the final ranking of our series is now published. All six races went successful and there is time to say huge „thank you“ to all organizers! Their work is at least as demanding as the racing, I think. But 2019 was a little different, compared to previous seasons. We have the new general partner NORDISK/YETI…

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Yeti Adventure Challenge well prepared for the next year´s Euro-Champ


Neither strong wind nor the rain surprised YACS organizers when the race was on and the conditions get harder for the teams. There were made some changes in the route (kayak section), so the race could continue regularly from the start to the finish line. Tough conditions and the demanding route did not stop first of all the home Team…

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Czech AR around Karlstejn castle won Ukrainian team


Only 48 hours needed team Ukraine to reach the finish line in the camp Slapy by the Slapska dam. But they were not in the lead from the beginning. Czech Salomon-Suunto took the lead on the first stage and moved forward through the race till the second morning. On the special orienteering section took the Ukrainian team small lead. Nothing…

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Two last races in two weeks


Last week in August and the first week in September will take place the Czech AR and danish Yeti Adventure Challenge. Both races are traditional European events with a long history. All teams registered for these races will experience classic adventure format with few disciplines like trekking, paddling, MTB, swimming, rope activities, orienteering, and others. The only difference is, that…

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Team Red Fox AR is the winner!


Adventure Trophy Poland is over! After 86 hrs and 16 minutes crossed the finish line of the AR European Champs 2019 the team Red Fox AR from Russia! They were in the leading group from the beginning but faced some difficulties on the first kayaking stage, when their boat almost sank on the lake. High wawes and strong wind were…

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European Champs 2019 = Adventure Trophy Poland


This year, Adventure Trophy in Poland is hosting ARES European championships! Poland was at the beginning of the European series in 2008. The country hosted the first Euro champ ever (called „zero edition“). Then in 2013, after 5 years, the Euro champ came back again. So the organizers are very well prepared and experienced to design and organize this next…

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Awarding ceremony of the 2019 Red Fox Adventure Race


Testing the limits is done! On June 12, the awards ceremony of the Red Fox Adventure Race XVIII powered by Polartec® was held. It was a great celebration of a great adventure sport holiday, now completed. Athletes from 13 countries met in one of the most picturesque corners of Russia ― beautiful Karelia, in the neighborhood of Kilpola island. It…

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RedFox AR – next race in the series starts soon


The May and June in ARES are „full of races“! One is followed by another and now the Russian RedFox AR is coming. The basic info about the program is here: June 8 (Saturday) 10:00 – Opening of the Race Centre. June 9 (Sunday) 09:00-22:00 – Registration of teams (Long and short classes), pre-race gear check. 22:00-22:30 – Briefing for…

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Schedule, Live coverage and results – THE BEAST 2019


Primaltracking is the provider of the BEAST live coverage, you can now watch live and find the results on this link The event schedule: Thursday 30th May 2019 Exact time TBC: Shuttle departs airport for overseas teams. We have 3 Danish teams. Team captains, please confirm your team’s flight times so that we can agree a time and location to…

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The Beast pre race information


The Beast Adventure Race will take place over the 1st weekend of June 2019. Having started in 2006, the Beast, with its origins in the Ballyhoura Region, is the longest running adventure race in Ireland (as well as the ‘longest’). Race Information DATES: 30th May – 2 nd June 2019 DISTANCE: approx. 400 km COUNTRY/REGION: Ireland/North West RACE HQ: Clayton…

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