NIAR games Ragnarok – first ARES event in 2019



The first-ever Nordic Islands Adventure Race was heled 2018 between Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Through the Ã…land islands and the enchanting archipelago around Ã…land and Finland’s mainland. At the start, 23 teams took on the quest to conquer the first-ever true race through an archipelago before they finished in the coastal city of Turku, historically the oldest city in Finland.

NIAR aims to host the best event possible and show the most unique nature in the area. Both for the athlete and the audience.

There are 35 unique team spots. Entry Fees are 2000 Euro per Team (Inc. VAT 6%).

Entries close April 23rd, 2019 unless sold out sooner. To confirm your registration you simply pay the 2000 Euro no later than March 23st 2019.

Nordic Islands Adventure Race will host all racers from May 23th-24th, including Dinner and Breakfast at Downtown Camper by Scandic at Brunkebergstorg.

May 26th, at 20:00 pm. Prize ceremony, banquet and dinner!

Course Description “Ragnarök” 2019

COURSE – The Nordic Islands Adventure Race Ragnarök will take teams on a historical journey of the legends that lay within the Stockholm region. To complete the 280km course teams must trek/run, bike, swimrun*, navigate and complete roping elements to reach the finish line.

Course facts:

100 km MTB

Run/Trek 60 km

Kayak 60 km

Swimrun 27 km

Secret leg 33 km

Rope Skills

Total distance: 280 km

For more info please visit webpage NIAR