Red Fox Adventure Race will host the Adventure Racing European Championship 2017!


Are you ready to test your limits in the 2017 Adventure Racing European Championship? The largest Adventure Race in Russia will host Adventure Racing European Championship in June next year in one of the most beautiful places – Karelia!

Five times this annual international non-stop expedition race was included in the European series of Adventure Races (ARES)! More than 350 professional multisportsmen, orienteering athletes and cyclists from Europe and North America come to compete in one of the toughest multisport events in Russia.  Among constant participants are the strongest teams from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Baltic countries, Poland, Czech Republic, Scandinavia, Denmark, France, Turkey, Belgium, the Netherlands and the USA.

Red Fox Adventure Race is one of the highest-grade Russian and international extreme competitions for multisportsmen.  Red Fox company which has organized Adventure Race since 2003 is the primary organiser of the race. Since 2009 the race has been conducted with the support of Polartec, LLC, the main RFAR’s partner.  And each competition has a great success!

Red Fox Adventure Races always take place in the most picturesque and very severe on conditions country regions. For example, this year the anniversary 15. Red Fox Adventure Race powered by Polartec® will be held on June 9-13in one of the most popular tourist region – Northern Priladozhye (Karelia region), at the Ladoga Lake shore.

2017 Euro Champs will take place in one of the most picturesque places, in wilderness and well-favoured area  – Karelia. In northwest Russia, near the border of Finland on the Karelian Penninsula, also known as the “land of white nights”; an under populated region with severe weather conditions and picturesque landscapes. So wild and exciting place!

The competition includes different disciplines. Every participant will go through the unforgettable stages: mountain biking, paddling, trekking, fixed ropes, coastering, swimming, rock climbing, etc. Race designer – Vitaly Chegarovsky (master of sports, orienteering) is renowned in multisport world and has more than 20-years experience of organization of multisport events. He prepares very fast-moving and interesting race.


  • „Short“ course: for teams of two or four racers
  • „Long“ course: for teams of two or four racers

Teams will compete for the best times and most points. They have to burst through the different obstacles and overcome non-stop very hard distance. Racers are expected by hundreds kilometres of adventures and scenic distance! Only long course class of mixed teams is eligible to fight for AR EuroChamp title.

Picturesque pine forests, countless brooks and large lakes with rocky shorelines…

Many tiny rock islands, beautiful landscapes and a lot of water…

Impressive technical stages…

The most extreme Russian race, led by the strongest racers and enthusiasts, will turn into a spectacular race!

You have a great chance to discover of one of the unique places of the Russian nature and real adventures!  Test your limits in Red Fox Adventure Race 2016 and give a challenge to the 2017 Euro Champs!

You are welcome!

Official website of the race: http://adventure-race.redfox.ru
Official RFAR’s page in Facebook.com: https://www.facebook.com/RedFoxAdventureRace