Team Thule wins European AR title!

winners Raidaran


Team Thule adventure (Martin Flinta, Simone Maier, Clas Björling and Staffan Björklund) were first crossing the finish line in Lleida on Saturday, the 23rd of July, after 3 days and nights of nonstop racing. The race took athlets from spanish mountain city Vielha over Pyrénées to Lleida. The lenght of the race was about 450 km and positive elevation about 18 000 meters!

Second place took czech team BlackHill/OpavaNet and third team EuskalRaid-Aralar Kirolak. All details can be found on http://www.sleepmonsters.com/v2_races.php?article_id=9480 or here: http://raidaran.com/pages/clasificacion.

Congratulations to all successful participants!