Vision and values

The aim of the AREuroSeries (ARES) is to spread the sport of Adventure Racing (long and short distance AR, Extreme Relay Races), to promote its development and to create and maintain an attractive international event program.

Main objectives:

  • To manage and develop long distance adventure racing in Europe, including AR European Championship and AR European Cup;
  • To coordinate AR sport development together with AR World Series organizer;
  • To manage and develop Extreme Relay Race Series and World Championship;
  • To manage and develop other „outdoor extreme adventure sports activities“ such as individual and shorter distance adventure races, survivals and Extreme Mountain Marathons;
  • Race-rules and regulations unification and publication, national institution directory and organizer list publication, race schedule publication;

Our vision is that European Adventure Racing and Outdoor eXtreme Sports activity are recognized as a truly outdoor sport, attractive to all, having presence and credibility on the European sporting stage; included in world Adventure Racing and Outdoor eXtreme Sports organization.

The fundamental values of ARES

  • AR is one with the nature.
  • It promotes environmental good practice.
  • AR is mentally and physically challenging.
  • It advocates and supports a healthy lifestyle; an active mind and body.
  • AR is gender neutral; AR promotes the inclusion of women and men equally.
  • AR is committed to being a drug free sport.
  • AR is characterized by the spirit of friendship and is committed to the notion of fair play.

Present & future

ARES will concentrate on organizing a cup of long distance Adventure Races and a cup of Extreme Relay Races. This includes AR European Championships and Extreme Relay World and European Championship. For the future we want to include other types of races to the AREuroSeries. This includes individual and short distance adventure races and Extreme Mountain Marathons. These can enter individually or as a whole cups.

We also envision creation of some sort of European Adventure Racing Association.

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