POLAND – Winter Timex Raid (30 April-3 May)

RUSSIA – Red Fox Adventure (10-13 June)

SPAIN – Raidaran (18-24 July)

CZECH – Adventure Race (6-11 September)

PORTUGAL – NORCHA Adventure Race (22-27 September)

SPAIN – Basque Expedition Race (12-16 October)


If you are an organizer of Adventure Race and want to be a part of ARES, you may send an application to info@areuroseries.com. Your event should meet some requirements, such as:

  • 4 people mixed teams (both gender), another category may be too;
  • at least 4 disciplines (mix of run/trekking, MTB, kayaking, orienteering, climbing, inline skates, swimming, rope activities, cross country skiing, canyoning etc.);
  • non-stop race, distance around 250 – 450 km, racing time between 45 – 55 hrs for the winner;